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Welcome to Vittetoe Icelandics, we have been owned by Icelandic Sheepdogs for eighteen years.  They are the most wonderful family friendly and loyal dogs we’ve ever been around.  Our first two girls (Reykja & Valkyrie) were litter mates who stayed with us until 2012, we were very blessed.  We are now starting a new cycle for us with one of Reykja’s great great grand daughter’s Audurs Hestia.  Tia’s first litter (2012) have grown up to be very lovely Icies, her current boy is developing nicely, being a singleton he’s growing fast interacting well with us and starting to get interested in both our other dogs.  2015 we are expecting a litter of puppies the end of March this year.

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  3. Lisa (Zordani) Bogovich says:

    Hi Judi-
    I wandered upon your website and had to write. I have Esja…Valkyrie’s first daughter…all white with a fawn colored ring around her tail and “saddle” spot. I can’t believe she will be 14 on March 24th!! She has not slowed down and each year the vet can’t believe it’s been that long. She is so youthful and full of energy….in fact as I am writing this, she dropped a toy in my lap wanting play.

    When people meet her, they think she is 3 or 4. No one believes me when I tell her age. She continues to be the best, most loving addition to my family! ….Couple of stories:

    -When she was maybe 3, I had food poisoning and didn’t have much energy to get off the couch. As a puppy, she has been trained that she’s not allowed on the furniture. I fell asleep and she crawled up next to me. I believe because she was worried and wanted to comfort me.

    -My brother has 6 kids and over the years I am so impressed how she adjusts her play. With the girls she likes to be cuddled and primped. With the boys, she loves to wrestle and when they were babies she would be very gentle. She let them use her to pull themselves up when they were learning to walk!

    -Love when my grandfather was still alive and about 90 years old. My parents have always watched Esja when I go on vacation, but they were going to be out of town. My grandpa (with my uncle) wanted to watch her. I was a little nervous with her being a herder and his stairs, but he would told her to sit, he’d walk down the stairs, then tell her to come and she’d come down and not trip him.

    I’m amazed everyday how smart she is!!! Over the years, we’ve been to all kinds of obedience classes and agility training. As a proud mom, she placed first in every one of her classes. We entered a few obedience/agility competitions and did great!

    She loves our morning walks and morning playtime with her “crew” (the neighborhood group – yellow lab boyfriend who gives her kisses, black lab, and mix who is like her tomboy little sis)!

    I could go on and on gushing over Esja! I have to say she is the best “puppy” ever!!!! She is the first dog I have ever raised and it has been a wonderful experience. (She is a barker. Not in the house or at people, but she does like to keep the yard “clear”. I know that is part of the breed…she barks to clear the yard for a minute or two….any hints for next time? That’s her only flaw.)

    She loves her toys and will often bring a stuffed animal to sleep with. Eventually, when I seam wears she will get the stuffing out. I have to say it is she is so sweet. She still has her toy that I sent you when she was just weeks old. It’s her “baby”. She is very gentle with it….not tug-a-war with that toy. I think because it still reminds of her Valkyrie and her litter mates!

    Okay, done gushing….just wanted to she and say “hello”!

    Lisa (and Esja)

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