Puppy Application


Puppy Application

Judi Vittetoe


24417  E. Rosewood, Newman Lake, WA 99025

(509) 226-3191


Our goal is to provide the best dog for a family, and the best family for our dogs. To help us make great matches we ask our prospective puppy owners to fill out this form, sign it, and send it back.

Your Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________ Email:  ________________________________________________________

1) Family members and ages: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


2) Pets in home, sizes and ages: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


3) Have you ever owned a dog before? ______________________________________

4) Have you ever returned a pup to a breeder or relinquished an animal to a shelter? What were the circumstances? _____________________________________________


5) Who will be primarily responsible for the puppy ______________________________________________________________________

6) Where will the puppy sleep both now and in the future? ______________________________________________________________________

7) Do you plan on crate training? If so, how? _____________________________________________________________________________________


8) How do you plan on potty training your dog? __________________________________________________________________________________


9) What kind of fencing do you have? _____________________________________________________________________

10) How do you plan on exercising/stimulating your dog? __________________________________________________________________________

11) Do you plan on participating in dog sports (agility, herding, flyball, etc.)?

If so, which ones? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

12) Where will you keep your puppy when it can’t be supervised _____________________________________________________________________

13) How long will the puppy be alone during the day typically? _______________________________________________________________________

14) When grown, how long will the puppy be alone during the day? ____________________________________________________________________

5) Who will care for your puppy when you are out of town? ___________________________________________________________________________

16) Where will you be taking your dog to the vet? __________________________________________________________________________________

17) What kind of diet do you plan on giving your puppy? _____________________________________________________________________________

Dog? ________________________________________________________________

18) How much time do you plan on training per day? Before 6 months=_____________ After 6 months=_________

19) Do you plan on taking your puppy to puppy classes? On-going training? Where? ___________________________________________________________


20) If you or the puppy are having training problems, what is your most likely source for problem solving? ____________________________________________

signature _____________________________________________________________

Date ______________________________________

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